Thursday, January 7, 2010

Another eBook Blog?

This is just what I need. One more blog to keep track of and post to. That makes what? ten? twelve? twenty? So why bother with another?

Ever since starting Long Tale Press with my two business partners, I've found myself becoming more and more involved in the eBook industry. Most recently I did a contract with new eBook and eReader provider designing eBooks. I hope to do a lot more there. Now I'm staring at the range of new eReader announcements at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas and thinking "This could finally be the beginning."

I've been in the publishing industry for thirty-plus years and heavily involved in eletronic publishing in one form or another for most of that time. While I understand (and even invented some of) the technology, at heart I consider myself a designer and writer. So, I figured there was a place in my life for a general blog about eBooks, eReaders, eBook design, eBook formats, and the impact of electronic publishing on the industry as a whole and on our lifestyles as individuals. So here is what to expect:
  • A hodge-podge of articles and comments about developments in the industry

  • Commentary on the differences and uses of various devices and eBook formats

  • Thoughts about digital rights management (DRM)

  • Announcements from the industry and eBook publishers

  • An open forum for commenting on eBooks

It's likely to be pretty disorderly and to get off the ground in fits and starts, but it should be a fun ride! I hope you'll come along.

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